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Raleigh > Personals > Missed Connections > Mudcats game-Saturday Aug. 18 - m4w - 24

Mudcats game-Saturday Aug. 18 - m4w - 24

Raleigh, NC • 08/21/2007

We were both in section 212, I was in Row P all the way at the top about halfway across the row. That would put you in Row O. I had on Khaki shorts, blue t-shirt, and a dark blue Atlanta Braves Hat. You had a strange color top on. I couldn't really pick out what color it was. It was kind of a brownish/tannish type deal. Either way, we caught each other in a couple glances. I thought you were very cute. If this is you, just respond.


Posted by: OhSoHandy User

Located: Raleigh, NC

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