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Free Maid Cleaning In Raleigh-Fayetteville NC For Home Buyers-27608 Map

Raleigh, NC • 03/24/2009

Request a Free Home Cleaning Gift Certificate
From Your Realtor When Buying
Or Renting a Home In NC

You have a good reason to request a free home cleaning when purchasing or renting
a new or foreclosed home in NC.

Firstly, when you purchase a home during these times of economic uncertainty, when home buying is at an all time low, home lending is scarce, and home foreclosures are at
an all time high, you have the upper hand when purchasing a home and your realtor is aware of this when they are trying to convince you to purchase a certain home.

This is the reason that your realtor should offer you a free home deep cleaning gift certificate as an incentive for your business, and if your realtor doesn’t offer you some type of home buying incentive, you should kindly remind them that you would like to have a professional home cleaning service clean your home after you move in and get settled, because new homeowners rarely feel like cleaning their newly purchased home after moving in and getting all the furnishings organized.

There is one excellent company in NC that services the entire state, and their name is QualiCare Maids, they offer realtors, military personnel, seniors, and handicapped persons an ongoing 10-20% discount and they also offer maid cleaning gift certificates
to both businesses and consumers.

This company is an independently owned veteran business that is very affordable and very good and cleaning any home or business, and they can be found all over the Internet.

Renters should also request that the property management company that they lease a home, apartment, or condo from, either give them a free home deep cleaning gift certificate when they move in or out of their residence, as an incentive for moving in.

I am sure that you will appreciate a free home deep cleaning gift certificate and find it very useful when redeeming it for the holidays, or days when you are expecting a visit from family or friends and want your home or apartment to look its best when they arrive.

Homes are readily available for both sale and rent, and there’s no reason why your realtor should reject such a minimal request for your business, after all, your realtor will be getting thousands of dollars in commission, or your property manager will have you locked into a lease for at least 12 months, and with the many choices of properties for sale and rent these days, many realtors and property management companies will honor a minimal request such as a free home cleaning.

If you are planning to relocate to NC, or purchase a home in NC and unsure of a good place to start to look for a great home cleaning service, you may visit the QualiCare Maids website at: for more information, and I’m sure they will be able to help you negotiate something with your realtor or property manager.

ⓒ 2009 This article is the sole copy written property of L.Wahlert and shall not be printed or reproduced without owners permission.

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