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Family Of 5 Relocating In Need Of Housing


• 3 bedrooms

Raleigh, NC • 09/01/2009


We are a family of 5 in need of housing. We are in need of a 3 Bedroom house, apartment, townhome. We have two boys and a girl. My fiance is a carpenter and will be starting a new job next Monday we are honest, clean. Most importantly WE PAY OUR BILLS!! My fiance would be willing to do work on the house, Basically something can be worked out for us to be able to move in. I don't know a lot about carpentry so you and my fiance can discuss that, lol I have been with my present landlord for 5 years so I do have an excellent reference available. If you would be able to work something out for our family please let us know. Thank you for your time!


Posted by: MrsR

Located: Raleigh, NC

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