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Offering - An Extra Pair of Hands

Raleigh, NC • 11/29/2012

* Holiday bustle? Planning an event? Errands to run? Groceries to pick up?

* Need someone to help occupy your family (kids or senior parents) as you plan an event, entertain or simply have a night out?

* Are you getting married in 2013?

* Or do you just need a little extra help with odds and ends?

An Extra Pair of Hands supports you with what you're already doing. Please email, and we'll contact you to discuss your plans. We'll reduce those To Do lists pronto!

Location: Raleigh-Durham and surrounding area
Compensation: The fee is $9.00/hr. plus .60 per mile for errand runs.


Posted by: Extra Pair of Hands

Located: Raleigh, NC


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