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Beaver Creek Cinema 12


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1441 Beaver Creek Commons Drive
Apex, NC 27502


Category: Arts & Entertainment
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Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Street
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

21 reviews for Beaver Creek Cinema 12

Beaver Creek Cinema 12
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i am sorry to say but this movie theater price is so stupid! i have a family of 4 and i took my family here it cost about $24. for that much i should have just went to wal-mart and bought the movie it would have cost less. don't go here unless you are filthy rich!!!!! go to blue ridge cinema to see a movie there it only cost 1.50!

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i know!


Its the movies, its going to be expensive. I think this is a well kept and clean theater. I love going here.


Hmm.. if you're goig to call something stupid you might want to spell words correct, anonymous. Yes, it's cheaper to go out and buy a movie than it is to go to a theatre to see a new release. Blue Ridge shows older movies that you often can buy at the same time. If you want to see a new release it's not cheap. The movie theatres don't drive the price, the studios do.

I love having Beaver Creek nearby and hope it sticks around. It's clean and comfortable and convenient. I'm thrilled to be able to spend money in Apex where I live instead of giving it to nearby communities.


Looks like the ones noticing the spelling errors are the ones doing them also! What a waste of effort. Just goes to show, can't always be right about everything! Best to sit down and shut up unless your efforts really make a difference. Remember, life is too short...make your efforts COUNT!


I think you are right! The movie theater is a fun place to go but the snacks are way too expensive. My family buys candy and soda at the supermarket and we pop our own popcorn and bring it to the movies. We go every few months as a treat.


To Anonymous 70: The film companies do inadvertently set the concession prices. The film companies take nearly all of the money from ticket sales, so if the concession prices aren't a bit high then I do think it would be difficult to watch a movie without electricity, as the concession revnues pay for everything in the building, up to and including the payroll of the underpaid, often overworked theatre employee.


first of all the ticket prices are controlled by the studios, therefore the prices are going to be high. the snacks are expensive but that's because that income is what keeps the theater operational. you can see a movie for a 1.50 but if you have a look at the facilities at blue ridge vs. beaver creek you can tell the difference. the production companies take almost all the profit and the theater has to pay for the films, there fore if tickets don't sell the movie theater owes the production company money. so snacks are pricey because they keep the place running. and a word of the wise don't bring your own food. they will find it and you will be banned and possible prosecuted.


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