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Starbucks Coffee at North Hills Center


based on 2 reviews

4160 Main Street
Raleigh, NC 27609


Category: Food
Tags: coffee, starbucks

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Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

2 reviews for Starbucks Coffee at North Hills Center

Starbucks Coffee at North Hills Center
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Everyone cracks on Starbucks b/c it's such a juggernaut, but they have consistently good espressos and that's all I need. This location is no exception, and of course has the standard staffing: a tweaked-out creepy older male as the manager, the flamboyount blond twink with a superiority complex and a hot piece of ass of mysterious age and dubious ethnicity.

Starbucks Coffee at North Hills Center
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Written: 8

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Yeah, okay I'm hooked on Starbucks. I know a lot of people thrash it, but hey I ain't driving to Cup-A-Joe's every day.

This is probably the slowest Starbucks I've ever patronized. For a location that's not nearly as busy as most Starbucks stores, this one is ridiculous.

I would recommend not going here if you're in a hurry.

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Don't be ashamed. I'm also hooked and I'm a big fan of the indie shops but Starbucks is good and everywhere. I think I say the words "Grande Americano" 15 times a week.


I am majorly hooked on Starbucks too!!! This is honestly one of the better Starbucks that I have visited. They are definitely NOT that slow. Great place to get your coffee and get out....just not the best place to hang out. My favorite servers, and the fastest are the three guys there. I think their names are Brian, Mark and Chris. I think those are their names, but I'm not sure. They make that place a lot of fun to visit!


Your a douche bag. Is all you do all day long is comment on different businesses? Other people do it for fun you do it because you actually think the general public give two shits what the hell you have to say. Fag


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