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Willowwood Apartments


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2814 O'Berry Street
Raleigh, NC 27607


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Parking: Street

2 reviews for Willowwood Apartments

Willowwood Apartments
dayjay Send private message

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This is not the best place if you want to have guests over or have a get together past 11 pm. If you enjoy sleeping, the Floors will keep you up all night. They creak loudly and you hear everything. NO one tells you this at the time you look at them.
They seem to have no insulation, so you hear conversations, sex between partners, and walking around at all hours. Anyone who needs rest and a nice quiet place to live would do better, in my opinion.

Willowwood Apartments
Photo of Tony Spencer.
notsleepy Send private message

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I've never actually stepped foot in the Willowwood Apartments but they are some of the coolest rentals I've seen in Raleigh with a very urban, renovated brick building, and beautiful nature surroundings in the Wilmont neighborhood inside the beltline.

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