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Cameron Bar and Grill


based on 2 reviews

2018 Clark Ave
Raleigh, NC 27605
(919) 755-2231


Category: Restaurants
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Price Range: Moderate, $11-30
Accepts Credit Cards: yes
Parking: Private Lot

2 reviews for Cameron Bar and Grill

Cameron Bar and Grill
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Your typical American fare at reasonable prices, including drinks. When I'm hungry for a quick meal in Cameron Village, this is my first choice.

Cameron Bar and Grill
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I was pleasantly surprised upon entering Cameron Bar & Grill for the first time after its recent opening last night. It was far classier than I had expected during the long wait for its arrival. The interior has been beautifully done with big, dark wood, columns, and trendy art on the walls. The staff was fabulous, friendly and went the extra mile to make sure we were always happy.

I believe the best part about Cameron Bar may be the menu. Thank god for some healthier options to choose from. Village Draft House has a big beer selection but when it comes to food theirs is just ok but forget about having anything remotely healthy to eat. (They call iceberg lettuce a "bed of mixed greens").

But at Cameron Bar there were many grilled options including a lot of fish and salad dishes to choose from and many of the entrees come with healthy rice and vegetables and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of food.

The atmosphere was quaint, with low light and good acoustics even with a packed house last night. The slogan "Eat.Drink.Relax." is easy to adhere to at Cameron Bar and Grill.

Bravo guys. I'll be back for sure. Get rid of the TV's at the bar and I'll bump my rating to 5 stars.

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This is the second review about cameron bar and grill that ive read and they both happen to mention the village draft house. i wonder why that is??? maybe because more than half of the menu is a copy of the vdh. really? how about some originality. i was very disappointed that the menu was so similar. how about something a little different. if you want something healthy go to subway. beer and burgers is what they are about. i feel that cameron's concept is well frankly boring and so much for the good seafood, my crab cake was seared on both sides but squishy and undercooked in the middle. oh and the draft house also has wild rice and mixed vegetables as a side option however people tend to want cheese fries with thier burgers. although i will try cameron bar again i would like to read a review that doesnt sweat the competition.


@suzie : I only mentioned Village Draft House because it did seem like an alternative that was healthy to me. Don't get me wrong. When I'm in a mood for a Carolina Burger VDH is where I'll go but I don't feel like Cameron Bar & Grill's menu was anywhere near a copy.


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