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North State Bank


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4270 The Circle at North Hills
Raleigh, NC 27609


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Parking: Private Lot
Wheelchair Accessible: yes

2 reviews for North State Bank

North State Bank
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We have had our business account with North State Bank for years and I highly recommend them! Their business development officers have been responsive, knowledgeable, and invested in our success.

One of the best services they started offering was DepositScan. We can make deposits right from our office, which has been a huge timesaver. Further, they offer all day banking so we can make a deposit at 4:30pm and it is applied that day - no more rushing to make a deposit by 2pm.

They have a tagline of "experience relationship banking" and we have certainly found that to be the case.

North State Bank
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Horrible service! North State Bank is not my bank but I decided to use their ATM while I was shopping in North Hills. Big Mistake! As soon as I put my card in the ATM shut down and would not return my card. The bank was closed, so I waited until the next day and called to make sure they had my card. The lady I spoke to was very rude and suggested that my card was taken because of funding issues. When I explained to her that their machine had malfunctioned, she admitted that the ATM was broken but continued to insinuate that my card was taken because of my account status. She told me that she would not give my card back unless I got a fax sent from my bank saying that my account was in good standing. She stated that this is protocol. I understand protocol, but shouldn’t customer service be part of the protocol? How about a, ‘We’re sorry for this inconvenience' ? I called my bank and they thought it was ridiculous that NSB wanted confirmation of account status, even though they admitted that an ATM malfunction was the reason the card was taken. I finally got my card back, after dealing with Haley the grumpy teller several times. If they were that rude to someone who got their card taken by their ATM, I can't imagine dealing with them for other banking needs! I'm glad I don't have to go back.

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Every time that I have been in the North Hills branch Haley has been nothing but polite and very helpful. My guess is that "has" is in fact the grumpy one.


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