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Party Shop the


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2030 Clark Ave
Raleigh, NC 27605
(919) 828-4053


Category: Event Planning
Tags: party supplies, home decor

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1 review for Party Shop the

Party Shop the
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I have shopped at The Party Shop for years, and although they sometimes have the selection I am looking for, I have always felt they were overpriced and if there was a way to trick the customer into paying more, they do it. With other stores in the area, and the vast resources available on the internet, I see no reason to subject myself to the unhelpful sales clerks, high prices and ridiculous return policy. Although they state a 12 day return policy, they find any excuse not to accept anything for return. I normally like to support local stores, but this one takes advantage of customers and won't get my business anymore.

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Tags: party supplies, home decor

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