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Rbc Centura


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1027 US Highway 70 W
Garner, NC 27529
(919) 661-3320


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1 review for Rbc Centura

Rbc Centura
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I am in Canada, but I have a US presence as I'm a netrepreneur.

I've had my account with HSBC for years, but there's always been problems, so I swore that if I could ever switch, I would.

When I figured out I could get an account with RBC over there thru RBC here, I jumped at the chance. I have a list (it's still growing) of 22 problems. It's clear they don't know what they are doing over there.

To be clear, banks in Canada are NOT like this. While all banks cause problems at some point, after this experience I can honestly say our banks here are like top of the line compared to what I went through. RBC Canada is known for being top of the line which is why I thought their chain in the US would be the same.

Just some of the numerous issues.

1. Never got access code, so weeks went by & couldn't conduct business.
2. Sales takes forever to call you.
3. Need sales just to set up a savings account???
4. Girl made a mistake about the interest rate on the line of credit, so now I'm paying 3+% more than what she quoted me.
5. Bill Payment area online is not logical. It shows you the date supposedly the person gets the check, NOT the date you are creating the transaction. Didn't find this out until much later on after I lost my temper.

Office of the President didn't even know what I was talking about & didn't return my call. One of my staffers had been waiting for the money.

I have spent over a month dealing with this bank & in total I've lost almost $100 in fees b/c of switching over to RBC & now back to HSBC, plus I've been on the phone with RBC at least 2-4 times per week for at least 20-60 minutes each time. I will never be compensated for all the stress & lost time. I wrote to RBC in Canada to complain BIG TIME. While they acknowledged my first e-mail, all they did was call the same guy I've been dealing with at the US head office. When I e-mailed them screaming about the interest rate screwup, no response back. I will continue to warn others & see who oversees banks in the US.

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Tags: banks & credit unions, rbc centura, bank

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